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07 August 2030 @ 12:00 am
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06 December 2015 @ 04:41 pm
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because the other one's gone
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22 September 2015 @ 09:14 pm

"Naturally, then, humans fall into three categories: the criminal, the not-yet-criminal, and the not-yet-caught."

In a world where magic prosper alongside technology, criminals stepped into the light... ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA: the city made off bones and humongous cogs that ran the entire country. A birdwatcher herd his family in peace, thinking that the claws were far from the glasses; beneath the shadows, a black cat sat watching in silence.


Cielo Seasons was forced to deal with his graduation in both a very conventional and unconventional way: that he doesn't know where to go even after long has passed, and that his boyfriend revealed himself to be a con artists who steal relics and paintings off the noses of famous museums. So when Sergei suggested for a game of cat-and-mouse and essentially pushed him off his comfort zone to a cliff with heights he'd never imagine before, he decided to jump. But even as he struggled with his new status as a police officer and the fact that his whole family is plagued with secrets, things were about to took turn for the worse.

Sergei Alexeyev remembered few things from his mother's death: the way his hand grasped at his black trouser as dark enveloped the grave in front of him the moment he laid his eyes on the casket; how his father's absence seemed stinging at the back of his eyes. He was not crying. There was a jagged piece of puzzle at the back of his knuckles. And now he seemed to have finally pulled the puzzles apart: he found something that might have indicated a contradiction of what he had believed to happen: that his mother might have not been in the casket he saw.

Heinrich Winter was not a Winter in every single of the official documents. He was another person. He was another person when Cielo was friends with him, and no longer a person when he stopped writing to him after Henry's mother death, disconnecting their relationship for years. He was another when he lived in the streets for one year, scrapping dinner off other people's wallet, searching for a person he was named after. Another person when he stood in front of the shy light of a gigantic mansion in Scotland, heart beating furiously in his chest. And he was another person, now, all smiles and empty eyes, arriving in front of the Seasons' household, alike but the more different.

Richard Milkovich had stopped trying to work as a police officer as soon as he sat in a place he judged comfortable. He preferred life in its simple luxuries: hidden gay clubs which were so tightly-wound it won't ever get raided, pirated films, and watching cops around him suck innocent people to dry while he munch Mars Bars behind the desk. But although his morals clashed with what he was seeing, he kept his silence. Richard has other issues to care about, such as how his life would crumble down the moment some self-righteous person decided to pick up his father's mysterious death.

Summer Seasons had always felt like she was a stray arrow in the family; the only place where she constantly felt like she was something else was beside Spring - but that was a whole new matter compared to what she felt and what she suspected was happening. But she felt that wasn't the only place; it wasn't, really--faintly, in the back of her head, there was something echoing: a Jack grinning in the table, lit up by Christmas lights instead of candles, and a bag of candies that wasn't hers, piled like stars in her feet...

Spring Seasons, the innocent flower, was always closed off her family's secret. But she knew more than she was letting, and so she was the first person to arrive at the hidden office of her parents' job as soon as she realized that there was a storm brewing. Her father never looked at her the way she needed him to look - that she was needed - and so did her mother. But as she felt his calloused hand on her shoulder, and his voice in her ear, she understood what she needed to do.

Iit all started with a doorbell...


Main Arc (2010-2012)

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31 December 2012 @ 12:58 am

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